Buoyant Watches – Artisans of Uniqueness

A unique timepiece on your wrist

The first creation of the B0 collection, the B0-01. A true artistic creation where the case, extracted from a solid block of a carbon fiber based composite, draws unique and never-before-seen patterns on a watch case. With its ergonomic design inspired by underwater exploration capsules, it has been created to demonstrate that the fusion between innovation and tradition is still possible and thus become an icon of modern watchmaking.

However, the functionality of each piece is as important as its design, the B0-01 has been created to be taken to the extreme on a daily basis. Therefore the lightest version of the watch has a total weight of 32 grams, movement and strap included. Positioning the B0-01 as one of the lightest automatic wristwatches in the world. Able to accompany the best elite athletes and meet the demands of each of their disciplines.

It all starts here, a solid Carbon block

A high-performance composite capable of offering exceptional properties and at the same time a unique look for our watches. Research was carried out together with specialised materials engineers and the perfect composite was found, capable of meeting the initial expectations and with perfect machinability properties. Composed mainly of carbon fibers, epoxy resin and pigments, it is an exceptionally innovative material in the watch industry.

The case, unmistakable

The manufacture of the case of the B0-01 is an extremely complex task. It requires precision of hundredths of a millimeter to machine the carbon plate perfectly. Three attempts and two days of machining work were necessary for a first prototype. The patterns of each carbon plate are unique, so when it is machined and the unmistakable shape of the B0-01 is obtained, the resulting pattern on each watch case is different. No two watches are the same.

Swiss Heart, the movement

The automatic winding caliber incorporated in the B0-01 has been created and developed entirely in Switzerland. It gives the watch a power reserve of approximately 38 hours.

Our "Savoir Faire", the dial printing

The dial is extracted from another piece of carbon fiber, this time in a Twill 2/2 finish. Once the piece is machined and the dial is extracted, the logo, details and external indexes are printed using the pad printing system. Where a silicone pad is used to collect the ink in the desired shape and then transfer it onto the dial.

Our "Savoir Faire", the Swiss Super-LumiNova® application

Buoyant master watchmaker applies the Swiss Super-LumiNova® by hand and one by one on the main numerals of the dial. This component allows the reading of the watch in low light environments.

Assembly, completely by hand

The B0-01 is assembled and finished by hand by Buoyant master watchmaker. A full day’s work is required to assemble each piece completely. The result has to be impeccable, so the corresponding product tests can be carried out.

The strap: Light, resistant and handmade

The main strap of the B0-01 is made 100% by hand in Switzerland. Made of Cordura® fabrics and with its characteristic Twill 2/2 carbon fiber buckle. Its Velcro® closure not only provides a very special look, also the perfect adaptability and fastening on the wrist.


Automatic movement with date indicator.
Frequency of 28.800 beats per hour and
38 hours of power reserve.

42 mm in diameter



*Recommended retail price (incl. VAT)

Technical specifications of the movement

Diameter: ⌀ 25,60 mm Thickness: 4,60 mm Number of jewels: 21 Frequency: 28 800 BPH (4 Hz) Shock protection: INCABLOC Novodiac Power reserve: Approximately 38 hours 3-position crown: manual winding position, date setting and time setting

Other characteristics


Screwed down with three positions, finished in black PVD.


Domed polymethacrylate.

Water resistance

The B0-01 is water resistant up to 100 meters. This is due to the use of nitrile O-rings located in the crown and the caseback.