Buoyant Watches – Artisans of Uniqueness

our savoir faire

Buoyant represents the spirit of innovation within the watchmaking industry, incorporating high-performance materials into the creation process of each piece. Although constant innovation in both materials and complications are Buoyant main precepts, it is firmly believed that there are certain aspects of the making of a watch that have to remain unaltered. For this reason, processes used since the beginning of Haute Horlogerie are emulated. At Buoyant the skill and experience of an own master watchmaker are in charge of making it possible.

The Swiss Super-LumiNova®, a detail that makes the difference

Each one of the dials is finished by hand by the master watchmaker of Buoyant. He is responsible for applying Swiss Super-LumiNova® to each of the numbers; it takes skill and patience to successfully complete each dial, since the smallest slip would cause the dial to fail the quality tests.

The straps: Light, resistant and handmade

The straps of Buoyant watches are 100% made by hand in Switzerland. Made of Cordura® fabrics and with its characteristic Twill 2/2 carbon fiber buckle. Resistant and light at the same time.

The assembly, the way to perfection

Each and every one of the watches created by Buoyant is assembled by hand. Buoyant master watchmaker is in charge of putting together each and every one of the pieces that make up each watch. For the final result to reach perfection, only this process requires a full day’s work.