Buoyant Watches – Artisans of Uniqueness


Buoyant was born with the aim of offering watches with a high perceived value, bringing the manufacturing techniques present in haute horlogerie to a new market segment.

The idea is simple, to use the most innovative materials and technologies in addition to incorporating the human component for the development of each piece, with the aim of placing the brand’s creations among the most creative and special watches in the world. The pioneering work of the brand focuses on creations of a sporty and innovative nature, but with respect for tradition. Keeping alive some of the watchmaking techniques that have been used since the beginnings of Haute Horlogerie.

Challenge: The art of uniqueness

Every Buoyant is created to be unique and exclusive, no two Buoyant watches are alike. Since the design of each watch has to be adapted to its technical needs, months go by from the moment the idea is proposed until it materializes in a first prototype. The design of each piece has to be not only attractive, but also technically feasible and functional. Each and every one of the brand’s creations are pieces of incredible precision and accuracy, not only as instruments for measuring time, but as true artistic creations. This is why the human component in the creation of a Buoyant watch is essential, as it makes each watch a unique piece.